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The ©CitronCoco is a collective card game that we created and improved step by step during our last year of engineering school. The version we offer you here is the most accomplished and balanced version of our game. To give you a glimpse of which kind of game it is, we can tell you that it will challenge your memory, cooperation, speed, mental calculation and strategy skills. The rules are numerous and we should warn you, it will take more than a single game to master them all and be able to fully appreciate the flavor of this game. We have conceived the rules so that strategy and suspens have an important place in the game, that the advantage of a team can quickly turn into disadvantage, and that you have a lot of fun during each game.

So on your cards! Get set ! Play!

To play, you need

  • one ©CitronCoco playing card game
  • one ©CitronCoco coin (included in the card game)
  • 4 players, 2 teams face to face
  • a pencil and a paper, to write down the points

The goal

The game ends when one of the two teams succeeds in making the other team score 200 points or more.

(If both teams exceed the limit in the same game, the team with the highest score loses)

The beginning of a round

4 cards face down in front of each player

1 stock pile

1 discard pile

1 ©CitronCoco coin

The loser of the last game begins

A player’s turn

1 – Pick up the first card :
– On the stock
– On the discard pile (if the last discarded card is not yours).
Important : Picking up a card in the discard pile open the game to a new quick play on the card below.

2 – Look at the picked-up card and then do one of the following two actions:

  • discard the card directly
  • Replace one card of your game by the picked-up card and then discard the replaced card. When you discard one of your card, you have to do it in a way that every player see it at the same. It is forbidden to look at the card before to discard it.

3 – It’s the turn of the next player

The special cards

Some cards have special powers which are activated only when the card is discarded :

1 (Assault) – Allows you to make any player pick up one extra card. (The extra card is the first card on the stock. Nobody is allowed to see the extra card).

2 (Fellow) – Allows you to look at one of your teammate’s card.

7 (Seadog) – Allows you to look at one player’s card (one of yours if you want too) .

9 (Which) – Allows you to give the ©CitronCoco coin to one player (even if another player already have the coin).
When a player who has the ©CitronCoco coin plays a special card, the card’s power is not activated and the player put the ©CitronCoco coin back in the middle of the table.
The power of the 9 is the only one which can’t be blocked

Explanation of the coin :

10 (Spy) – Allows you to open (flip) the card of one player (one of yours if you want) and let it uncovered until it’s discarded.

11 (Supply) – Allows you to play again.

12 (Queen) – Allows you to swap 2 cards between them. If you swap one of your cards with another one, you can look at your new card.
Important : it is not allowed to do twice the same swap in one turn.

-1 (Captain) – Allows you to have a look at the next card on the stock.

13 (Captain) – Skip the turn of the next opponent.

The « Quick Play »

During the game, the players can discard their cards using a « quick play ». A « quick play » does not change the course of the game and can be done at anytime.
There are two differents ways of doing a quick play.

Identical value :

If a player has a card with the same value as the top card on the discard pile, he can discard it directly. If the card has a power, the power is then activated.
Important : If several players have a card with the same value as the top card on the stock, only the fastest player can do a « quick game ». The slowests take their cards back (it won’t be considered as a missplay)

Addition of two cards :

If one of the players can take one of his own cards and one card of his partner so that the addition of the values of those two cards is equal to the value of the top card of the discard pile, he can then discard those two cards at the same time.
Important : Let us remind you that it is forbidden to give informations about your cards during a game. So you will have to use the possibilities of ©CitronCoco to get to know your teammate’s cards
Important : An addition can only be made adding one of your cards and one of your teammate’s cards. You cannot do an addition with two of your cards or with one of your opponent’s cards. This is considered as a missplay
Important : When you make an addition, only the card placed on the top of the discard pile will have its power activated (if it has a power). It is the owner of the card placed in top that can realise the action allowed by the power. If it is an 11 (« supply »), the player will play again at his turn.

Important : It is not allowed to do a « quick-play » on a card that has been discarded thanks to a « quick play » during the current turn.


It is considered as missplay, any illegal action of a player giving him an advantage. The player who committed a missplay must then be punished by picking up an extra card. This one is added to his game. It can not be watched (otherwise it is a new fault)
We consider as a missplay:

  • The fact that a player is mistaken when he tries to discard one or more than one card thanks to a fast game (For example, discard a 4 on an 11)
  • When a player looks at a card without permission.
  • When a player does not applies well a power.
  • When a player gives information to his teammate.

The end of a round and the scoring

There are two ways of ending a round :
– when a player does not have any cards left.
– when a payer activate the magical CitronCoco Power.

When a player does not have any cards left :

The round ends immediatly.
Important : If the last discarded card has a power, it is activated. It is possible to do one « quick-play » on the last discarded card.

Each team scores the number of coconuts it has in its game (the values of the cards)

The ©CitronCoco power

When a player thinks his team has less coconuts than the other team, before the end of his turn (before the next payer has picked up a card), he can scream  » ©CitronCoco  » in order to activate this magical power !

Always more, for the gamblers:

– When a player activates this power (screaming « citron-coco! »), The next player can replicate « Nano!  » if he believes that his team can still win the round by accumulating less coconuts than the opposing team. This doubles the points scored by the losing team.

– Following a « Nano », the teammate of the citron-coco launcher can scream « Nano Alpha! » Ultimate attack that will quadruple the points scored by the losing team. Enough to crush definitively the opponents and win at the same time the title of « Nano Alpha citron-coco » or maybe to sink his own ship forever …

Once everyone has calmed down, each player except the citron-coco launcher plays one last time, in a desperate attempt to get rid of all its points. The round is then over, and the cards are uncovered to count the points of each team.
Important : if a player get rid of all his cards when the CitronCoco power has been activated, the round ends immediatly.
Important : If a player plays an 11 (« supply ») when the CitronCoco power has been activated, he can play again.
Important : If the player who said « CitronCoco » plays an 11 (« supply ») as a « quick-play » during the last turn of another player, he will be allowed to play again before the game ends.

The team with the less coconuts wins and scores zero (that is the CitronCoco power) while the losing team scores the number of coconuts present in its game

Well, here we are, it was finally not so complicated! Big kisses from the nano, and have fun!

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